To Advertise Or Not To Advertise That It The Question.

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The purpose of the two passages was to persuade the reader of the validity of the author’s views. One passage argues that advertising for alcoholic beverages should be restricted by implying that less people would drive drunk if alcohol was not advertised. The other argues that advertising for alcoholic beverages should not be restricted by flat out saying that the current alcohol laws are silly. I will not argue that either view is correct or incorrect I will only review the information given in each passage.
Passage one is pro restricting the advertisement of alcoholic beverages, it begins its argument by stating that the alcohol industry often sites the incompleteness of research on the effects of alcohol advertisement as evidence that alcohol advertisement has no effect on consumption of the substance. This is a good point on the pro side if the alcohol industry really believed that advertisement had no effect on consumption then it would not make any sense to continue advertising. After all the purpose of advertising is to bring in customers by using the ads to convince people to consume their product. If they really believed this way then they would use that two billion a year that they put into advertisement into something like research or development of their company.
The research by a Joel W. Grube and Lawrence Wallack supposedly shows that the advertisement of alcohol on TV has ten to twelve year old wanting to drink as adults. First, if I am to trust a researcher’s statistics I like to know why I should trust them. Research is only as trust worthy as the researchers whom preform and interpret the information and the accuracy of the information. Secondly, I need to know how the research was performed to make the determination if the research is trust worthy. If the researchers did not use an accurate sample of children then the...

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