Transportation Security Administration:Prior To And Post 9/11

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According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics a total of 631,939,829 passengers boarded domestic flights in the United States in the year 2010. This averages to 1.73 million passengers flying per day (Cessoni.) All of these people must go through security checkpoints provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA.) TSA’s history, cost, and specific purpose are ideas I will discuss further.
Prior to 9/11, commercial airport security was minimal. The most an individual had to do was remove the coin change in their pockets or maybe even taking off belts that had particularly large buckles and walking through a metal detector. Not today. Now there are full body scanners at some airports. Twelve years ago, non-ticketed visitors could escort their loved ones departing to airline gates. No today. Security prior 9/11 was what I would say is lackadaisical. There was a point in time where pilots would fly with the cockpit doors open, and they would even invite younger children to the cockpit to take a glimpse at the controls. Not today. Currently, the cock pit door stays closed, usually with a flight attendant standing guard in front of it. Prior to 9/11, you only had to show ID when you were checking in and only two questions were asked: Did you pack your own bags? Have your bags been seen outside your control? No today. Now all luggage, carry ons included, are searched by TSA agents. Today, on every flight, there are at least one to two officers disguised for as a passenger. Pat downs now have a person feeling borderline violated. There are an abundance of these recollections posted on They vary from someone boarding the wrong plane to another individual flying with absolutely no identification all the way to a six year old girl being groped and fondled while in desperate tears. All of these changes are due to the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. According Transportation Security Administration’s official website (, nearly three-thousand people were killed in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia on the morning of September 11, 2001. The attacks left an intense effect upon our country and set in motion a chain of events that resulted in the creation of a new federal agency, TSA, specifically designed to prevent similar attacks in the future. Driven by a desire to help our nation, tens of thousands of people joined this new agency and committed themselves to strengthening our transportation systems while ensuring the freedom of...

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