Trapped In Terror Essay

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The alarm sounded and Ryan’s hand hit the button at the same time his feet hit the floor. His excitement leaped him off his bed and into his clothes. He flashed down the stairs like a cheetah. It was his birthday and he knew his parents had something planned. While he was eating his big breakfast his parents told him that they were going to Gaming Galaxy, he almost fainted. Surprised they also told him he could bring one friend. So then he rushed toward his phone and called his friend Brian.
Brian was so excited he got dressed, brushed his teeth, and headed out the door. He ran out the door as fast as he could not waiting for his mom to drive him, as his mom was to slow. He then ran to Ryan’s house and they were ready to go to Gaming Galaxy. On their way they were talking about all the games they were going to play first. Once they arrived their eyes widened in astonishment. There were lights and noises flashing everywhere and in big bright green and yellow letters it said “Gaming Galaxy”. Walking in they looked around and wondered they what game they were going to play first. They went on from game to game as time went on playing each game they wondered around and then they saw it the most popular game on the market, Zombie land three-thousand.
Ryan looking at Brian with an excited grin on his face and said “let’s play”. So they played and they finally finished after an hour and finally won. Once they finished there was a continue button they thought they had beat the game. So wanting to make sure they won, Brian hit continue. As a black dot appeared on the screen, they stared and watched it evolve until it took up the whole screen and they found themselves in a new world. Brian and Ryan looking around at themselves and each other wondering where they are and why are in these grey and black outfits. Then they had their guns in their hands wondering still where they are. Finally, a man in a red jacket, with a small mustache and gold jewelry. As he told them they were playing Zombie Land 3000 and that they were going to fight for survival against thousands of zombies and compete with three other teams they laughed and looked at each other like it was a joke.
Then, there was a zombie that ran around the corner he looked and saw that this thing was crazy. Them running as fast as they could from the disgusting thing. They ran into another team that was dressed in red and black. The red team grappled the two boys and slung them into the house. The boys asked “why they have to fight for survival and can’t just work together”. A tall curly hair boy replied” and continued to tell them that there were two medallion s two get home one medallion for each player on a team”. The boy also told them “you can’t survive in here for more than a week because there is only enough ammunition for a week”. Brian cried wondering if he would ever get home wondering why they were chosen.
After he stopped crying he went back outside, and on the ground a map with a picture...

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