Tupac Shakur: Gone But Not Forgotten

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When someone says Tupac Shakur, there is not a person in my generation that does not have some idea of who he is, that being said it is nearly impossible for me not to have a biased opinion towards him. Tupac Shakur was an individual with a passion to help his fellow struggling “niggas” by trying to improve the neighborhoods of those who were forced to grow up in the ghetto slums of the inner city. He survived a rough childhood that was filled with violence, drugs, and without a father. That caused him to be ungrounded by his mother all the time growing up. Lindon Barrett says, “A gangsta can’t out rhyme a bullet. And real gangsters rarely outlive them.” This was all too true for Tupac when he got shot at the age of 25. However while alive, he still fought to survive in a harsh world that shrugged him off as a lost cause or waste of time and effort. While he never truly escaped his lifestyle of drugs and dangerous people, Tupac was wiser than his inexperienced youth. Despite his various drug and assault charges, he still maintained a positive outlook on life and wanted all future generations to have a better chance of escaping the ghetto, with more opportunities and chances than he had ever hoped for. This is why Tupac should forever be remembered as a rapper that left a positive foot print in the world as well as a positive influence in the “rap game.” Tupac can be used as an example for some values that we should hold high in life as well as a standard we should all live up to. If we just highlighted the better aspects of Tupac’s life and left out the dark and gray areas, we would all be liars and ignorant to do so. We have all seen a motion picture film before. We know that with all of the good, must come a dose of evil. Tupac lived a very reckless and self harming life; it seemed as if he was waiting for his self destructing ways to catch up to him. Some people believe that because he was raised without a father figure he was almost doomed to the life of a “gangsta” or “hustla.” I believe a mother’s influence is just as important, if not more so.
Tupac was raised by his mother, Afeni Shakur, who spent most of her pregnancy in jail. He grew up respecting her, but hated her for her drug addiction she had developed. This addiction led to many bumps, or so it seemed like mountains, in Tupac’s life. Lindsey Waters says that the set of choices by Afeni, is partially to blame for Tupac’s dramatic life and bad life choices (85). I do not think that this is a solid theory because he had the ultimate say in his actions and poor choices. I am not disregarding that this had a negative influence on his life, I am just pointing out that we all have will power, no matter how small. This simply shows that he is not all to blame for his reckless behavior and the typical ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude (Shakur). A short piece entitled “Remembering Tupac Shakur” merely scratches the surface of a possibility that could have had a major impact on Tupac’s life....

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