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The sun has going down, yet I still can look through her mesmerizing eyes pleading to me for the nth time. Hope this is not true, hoping that all of my statement is nothing, like I just want to tease her with my joke, one of my really bad joke, and after that we could be all together and feel the other presence as always. But these 3 years we had shared together, all moment we could not forget easily, will become our last secret, which others wouldn’t know. Nothing had come from my mouth, as well as her. Nothing but plea.

3 years ago.

I’m a fresh graduate and currently a freshman on my college, nothing had gone wrong with it. As I look into my first schedule, it’s noted that I should come to the auditorium to attend my first general lecture in the 11 a.m. It said that the building is located somewhere around the student office. But before the class has started, I should go to other place for taking care my university belonging, as they served us some handbook and note for study several major subject. It’s not like I got used or even familiar by my new environment. As the fact, now I’m ended up nowhere. Confused with where am I now, I tried to look onto my map and tried to find my current location, but yeah, it was useless. Using my brain, I’m looking up to my environment and tried to see whether there is cicerone around. Well, they sure have cicerone, but when I look to that sign, it just give me a feeling that I’m really losing my track to my destination place. In my conclusion, I really get lost now. Before my nerves come with me, someone had patted my shoulder.

“Hey, are you a freshman? Need help?” after I hear someone has refers me as a new student, I rolled my eyes to where the voice comes. Without further ado, I answered her question with a relief tone, “Yeah, this is my first year in he-” Then our eyes meet. Standing in front of me, there is a beautiful girl with long waived silky hair, wearing white sleeveless shirt with collar together and a lovely pastel skirt with a brown belt, carried a book by using her hand that has a cute bracelet around her left arm. Looking down to her feet, I saw a lovely pair of wedge covered her feet. For a couple of second, my gaze has pointed to her; I meant all of her. She looks like a model because she has that showbiz girl aura. When my gaze looking back to her eyes, suddenly I realized our height distance. Well then, without forget to mention, she’s really tall!! Then I slippery said it loud.


There is a huge silent between us. I regret for not being more careful with my mouth. I mean, how come I yelled to stranger and called her with such a random thought of mine like that?! As I started to think the best idea, and there is no other way to solve this case than apologies, I deeply bowed my head to her and said,

“Gomenasai!! I don’t have any intention to hurt your feeling!” 5 seconds after I fineshed my sentence has past, there is no answer from her. 15 seconds has left, still no...

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