Two Day Trip To Copenhagen, Denmark

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My time in Slovakia was done; I hopped in the plane and headed for the weekend to Denmark, Baltic Sea. I decided to spend the weekend in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the royal capital of Denmark with the population of almost 1.9 million; it is also known to be one of the oldest and most wonderful capitals in Europe. My flight from Bratislava, Slovakia to Copenhagen, Denmark was approximately 6 hours long but it was worth a wait. I reached Copenhagen airport around 7:05 pm, the airport itself was well equipped with all the necessary facilities; lounges, wireless internet points, boutiques, restaurants, duty-free shops, beauty parlors, bars, and more. After reaching the airport, I grabbed a taxi and to rent out a room I went straight to 71 Nyhavn Hotel which was about 10 km away from the airport. 71 Nyhavn Hotel is an elegant 4 star hotel with a modern atmosphere and it provided a spectacular the view of the harbor. The facilities provided to me included suites, television, mini-bar, internet access, car parking, restaurant, and many more. By the time, I took care of my hotel room and my luggage, it was late evening so I decided to sleep in and visit the beach next day.Next morning, I got ready, ordered some breakfast and went straight down at the reception to ask for directions to Amager Beach Park. I was told by the receptionist that it was only 5 km away from the hotel so I decided to grab my equipment along with my bicycle and hired a taxi. I got the beach in 7 minutes, the weather was not too cold or too hot, it was mild due to spring time. Amager Strand is Copenhagen's only bathing beach. It serves a densely populated area and is extremely popular in the summer. After reaching my destination, I realized that this beach was divided into two main parts; the beach on the mainland running along the road of Amager Strandvej and a two kilometer island, which is connected to the mainland by three bridges. After having a look around, I chose my spot on the beach and landed my equipment there. On the island there were four beach stations placed on central locations along the coastline. They were small buildings made out of concrete. Each station had toilet facilities, showers and an ice cream bar. The roof of the beach station also served as a viewpoint. I went to the closest station to change my clothes. I came back to my spot and decided to set up my beach equipment, and then I was ready to bask under the beautiful sun. This was the perfect place to relax with a book, sunbathe, swim or even paddle. Between the island and the mainland was a lagoon, where one could find children's beaches with shallow water and a 1000 meter lane for swimmers and rowers among other things. After lying at the beach for couple hours, I walked to the station to grab some ice cream and grabbed my bicycle and rode around the shore for a change. After spending such a relaxed afternoon at the beach, I changed my clothes, hired a taxi once again, rode to my hotel, dropped off all...

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