Underground Hazards To Consider Before Buying Your Dream House

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Underground Hazards To Consider Before Buying Your Dream House
Owning a home is one of the major investments one can have. Due to the amount of funds that you will have to put into the investment, it is good to ensure that you get the very best that there is. You should against the possible risks that you may face when you own that dream home. Unfortunately, most people only have their houses checked for obvious risks such as the building’s structural integrity, environmental hazards and water resources but fail to check on underground risks.
Underground hazards have become more pronounced than in the past. You need a qualified inspection contractor to verify if your home to be is free of the s risks as explained below.
• Sinkholes
These are natural depressions or holes of the surface of the earth. They are caused by natural dissolution of underneath carbonate rocks or the sand stone. This hole could be anything between one to six hundred metres wide and deep. They can be formed gradually or suddenly. The anural formation of sinkholes is due to gradual erosion of soluble bedrock such as limestone or collapse of a cave roof. Artificial sinkholes are due to human activity such as abandoned mines or salt caverns. The breaking of water and sewer pipes may open up these surfaces leading to formation of sinkholes. A geological study would show which areas are prone to getting sinkholes.
• Floodplains
Floodplains are low flat grounds around lakes, rivers and other water bodies which collect excess water from above the normal water levels on the bodies. Incase of heavy rainfall, these areas are at risk of being flooded. With the rapid expansion of cities, authorities have largely ignored the risk of floodplains. It is a matter of great concern that needs to be addressed.
• Contamination sites
There are sites where toxic waste has been buried. A list of these...

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