Unfortunate Love Essay

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James stared into the coffin of Darlay Jones. Never in his life had he known that love could be an extremely deadly emotion. He bawled. Yes, that morning ate the funeral, he bawled terribly. Discovering the true meaning of life, and all the possibilities it has to offer, he continued to poet for Darlay.
On a bright, gleaming morning, the French skies brightly shined, and were covered with white fluffy clouds. The moist air was heavenly and light. The smell of rose flowers penetrated its way through the environment. James A’journ sat outside of his windowpane writing the vivid picture that was created before him. This nineteen year old was a white male with reddish-brown hair that covered the surface of his oval-shaped head. He has a dying passion for poetry. James writes, and he imagines the feelings his words create. The way he feels, the life of others, the scene of the time, the beauty of earth, the future itself are all topics he extremely enjoys portraying in his poetry. In order to experience these different aspects for his writing, traveling to other places is a required action in which he must commit too. Unfortunately his creative and artistic ways weren’t suitable enough for his 16 year old girl friend, Darlay Jones. Darlay, on the other hand, was proudly outgoing, narrow minded and fast moving. She had thick, long, curly black hair. Freckles immensely covered the majority of her bleak, pale face. Constantly, her strong emotions were used to help her express her feelings toward the future. She always wondered, how many kids she’d have with James, what kind of house she and James would have, the salary she and James would make total, would they be poor, what country would they be in, etc. Acquiring appropriate love for James, she planned every part of their future together with a great compassion. It was obvious she had lackadaisical approach to James’ poetry. Every day she explained to him something about their future that he had not even stopped to think about. “Oh jamesy-pooh, our children are going to have the finest hair in all of France. We shall be the richest couple ever to be spoken of. How silly of you to think that poetry will raise...

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