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Universal Orlando Resorts are sizzling escapade theme park owned by NBCUniversal and is located in Orlando, Florida. The Universal Orlando Resorts comprises of twin theme parks known as the Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, three Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Hotels (Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and Loews Royal Pacific Resort respectively along with the all night exotic entertainment complex – The Universal CityWalk Orlando. Universal Orlando was originally opened in the year 1990 as Universal Studios Florida and flourished in to the largest ever theme park located in the Orlando.

For many years Universal theme parks have been a luxury stay and have rendered wonderful experiences to the guests. And this is mostly possible only because of the efficiently dedicated team work delivered with world class customer service for unforgettable cherished memories for the clients. This is the prime reason for the Universal Orlando to achieve heights of recognition in the entertainment industry. The employees at the Universal Orlando Resort are fully encouraged for development and growth with a rewarding and balanced working environment. Every employee will be carefully guided in the right path to achieve their goals and dreams in the career.

Universal Orlando Resort jobs

Universal Orlando ResortBrand Management Service

Universal Orlando Resorts provide amazing Brand Management career opportunities for those skilled people with so much potential to offer. With perfect Universal attitude the candidates can create more magical moments of leisure and comfort to the precious guests. Following are the responsibilities to be practiced by the candidates applying for this promising job-

Create and maintain the research documents regarding the competitors
Keep the team informed about the changes in the market
Maintain reports about the products issued by the Universal Orlando and communicate with the managers
Understand and actively participating in Environmental, Health & Safety responsibilities by following established policy, procedures, training and Team Member involvement activities
Prepare the training and binders for the team
Digital Marketing Expert

The candidate who is applying for the digital marketing job in the Universal Orlando Resorts needs to be skilled in three areas such as Asset Management, Digital...

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