Us History Paper: The Holocaust And Schindler’s List

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“99 subhuman Jews in the row, 99 subhuman Jews! Shoot one down, kick it around, 98 subhuman Jews in the row!” ~ Concentration camp worker during the holocaust. How could you begin to describe what’s always said to be such a horrible and tragic event? The Holocaust or Final Solution only seems as bad equal to the amount the person describing it values human life. To answer all of the topics presented to me I will be discussing the following; What is meant by “The Holocaust” or “Final Solution”, Why the Jewish were dehumanized, The choices made during the Holocaust, and My personal view on events that took place during the holocaust.
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The fact is that Americans are made to believe that choice is a blessing similar to how Nazis were made to believe that Jews were not human, through a large amount of patriotism and being made to mirror society’s opinions.
What’s worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm? The Holocaust. What’s worse than The Holocaust? Stubbing your toe. Well, that may have not been the case for the millions of Jews dehumanized then persecuted. Who was considered a Jew during the Holocaust? There are many reasons someone would be considered a Jew, such as; if you had two Jewish parents or three Jewish grandparents, if you were a child whose parent (at least one) was a practicing Jew, or if you were a child of intermarriage who was not a practicing Jew you would be considered a mischling (who would not be persecuted). So why did the Nazi Party Persecute Jewish people in the first place? The reason that the Jews were hunted down and dehumanized was due to Hitler’s use of psychology through propaganda. The possibility that one man could command an entire country to eliminate a massive amount of its own population seems incredibly unrealistic and plainly impossible. From my personal view where human life is a joke and not valuable what so ever, Adolf Hitler was a very talented impressive person despite people calling him evil. I find it ridiculous to hear naïve people say that something like the
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holocaust could not happen to them when with a lot of propaganda and societal influence over several year and they would be the ones pulling the trigger with the barrel pointed at the head of another man, that could have as easily been himself.
Why is Schindler's List about choices? It is difficult to call the Holocaust an event where there were choices. The reason I say this is because the only person I saw that had a reasonable choice was Oskar Schindler. For example, the prison guards such as Amon Goeth had a choice of killing and obeying what their higher ups told them or not, and getting killed, then have their position replaced by someone that would kill. The Jews such as Itzhak Stern choice was to fall in line and hope they don’t die today or disobey and get killed and not have to suffer any longer. The final choice I saw in the film was Oskar Schindler choice to spend all his money buying lives. Schindler’s decision and the only choice that seemed to have a...

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