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Customer contentment encourage the emerging innovative company nowadays (CSSP 2007) and lead to tough competition in offering value through service concept (Lusch et al. 2007). Many firms race in rectify their pathway to services, intensify the quality, and applying new strategies on their organization (CSPP 2007). Those challenge is generate marketing completion in order to gain sustainability business which accentuate the customer expectation and involved them during the process (Cova and Salle 2008). Therefore the way of thinking as a customer strongly needed and developed in service business as current symptom (Cova and Salle 2008). According to Grӧnroos (2008), the use of customer on ...view middle of the document...

2. Resource Integration

3. Value Co-Creation

Regarding to the part of resource integration above, it determine that operant resource have significant role on co-creating value (Grӧnroos 2011). Value co-creation primarily seen as integrated completion since it resulted in unique collaboration of several constituents which the target is to enhance value for customer (Cova and Salle 2008). The creative way of value creation method which have been conducted through service are crucial part in B2B marketing (Vargo and Lusch 2011). As B2B completion, its required the value of customer,and the value of actors (provider, supplier and other linked entities) on producing specific offering (Cova and Salle 2008).
The value itself interpreted as value in use of customer or value in context in specific circumtances (Vargo et al. 2008b). Customer on value co-creating process jointly with other value which facilitated by provider and customized at another resources in mutually beneficial service ecosystem (Wieland et al. 2012). The interaction among actors not only as service in reciprocate but also provide a space for provider which considered as actor to take as co-creator of a particular value in offering (Grӧnroos 2011). As disputed the value in these service ecosystem used to work up in viability business of company within long term period (Wieland et al. 2012).
Divergent from good dominant perspective, customer could act as co-creator, initiate the growth of novelty resources then collaborate it with other actors in sequence of business process (Grӧnroos 2011). Most of outtum process give rise to goods value (value furtherance) which using the knowledge and skills of customer, deliberated and manufactured then conveyed indirectly to the customer (Grӧnroos 2011). In particular case, some companies put differently service experience through...

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