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Since I was about 6 years old, I loved animals and I always wanted to take care of them. My parents said I have always wanted to become a vet. After awhile I decided that I didn't want to be a vet but a vet tech. I do not want to do the surgery on the animal and have to tell the family that the animal did not make it through. When I am older I want to become a vet tech because I love animals, I own many animals, and I would like to own more in the future, and I like spending time with all animals. Because of all these reasons, I think that a vet tech would be a good career for me.
Vet technicians not to be confused with a vet technologists have to go through a 18-month program ("Vet tech ...view middle of the document...

I would love to own my own horse ranch in the future and it would be able to tell what is wrong with them. If you work on the farm it is going to be dirtier and there will not always be a clean work table that I will be able to work with. If I would work in the clinic it would be allot cleaner and the animals would be allot smaller. I love small animals just as much as I love the farm animals but I grew up playing on the farm and i like playing with the big animals.
some pros and cons of this job. Pros: I would be able to spend we whole day with animals doing what I love. I would not have to be sitting on a computer the whole day. The pay is decent and I would be able to get a nice house and support a family. I would not have to go to school for very long and I coils already start my career. Some cons of this job would be I would have to work weekends, evenings, and holidays. The hours of this job are a little long and not always set. The pay is not as good as a vet but it is still good.
The first reason I want to become a vet is because I love animals and I want to help all the animals in the world be a little healthier. I don't want to be a full vet because I don't want to have to be the person that has to tell the family that I could not save there animal. Being a full vet comes with way to many responsibilities like doing the surgery and having to know exactly what is wrong with every animal. Vet techs do not make as much money as vets but their job is also very important because they have to help the vet do the surgery because the vet can't do the surgery and get the utensils at the same time.
The second reason I want to be a vet tech is because I have many animals and I would love to own a ranch when I get older. If I became a vet tech I would be able to figure out what is wrong with my own animals, and I would be so...

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