Video Games And Child Aggression Essay

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In video games today players can go completely off story line and massacre if they choose to. For example in the new game Grand Theft Auto VI, a player is allowed to kill, out run cops, and steal, almost all the missions themselves are based on violence. Video games are harmful to young children because studies show that children that play more violent video games have a higher risk of being aggressive towards others. Children do not yet understand the harm of these video games. At a young age, what children see and observe influence them. Violence in video games bring out bad behaviors in children. They don’t realize what they are doing is bad because the media encourages such behavior.
These games enhance aggressive behaviors among children who use such violent games. Steven F. Gruel, one of the writers against violent video games, says gaming should be regulated. Today almost seventy percent of children can successfully purchase these violent games. Most M-rated games allow the player to get away with unthinkable things such as killing, abusing, drug dealing, and countless other agendas (Gruel). These games make it seem normal to reenact such actions. The player is able to commit violent acts and escape the cops with no repercussion of the law. This gives children the idea that if they commit violent acts, they will not get into trouble. These violent games are rated for a reason. The content in them are too violent for the mind of child.
Mac Prensky believes that games help children learn. He says that it promotes children to express themselves safely without causing physical damage. Children learn about morality in justice, but also about emotional conflicts. Presnsky states that video games help children learn and how to cope with emotional struggles in real life. By playing these mentally demanding games it challenges their minds (Prensky). These games Prensky describes may not have the violent content, but they still cause children to exhibit negative behaviors socially. By using games to teach children, their minds are working in many different way. They are using their hand to control the actions of the game, the sound gives them verbal cues, and visually they are seeing the game itself. But they cannot verbally communicate back; indeed, this act is crippling the social interaction between people. From the youngest age children learn to communicate with their parents or caregiver. Without it they can become socially awkward; children need a mentor to show them how to communicate in the proper way.
So these games should not be allowed until the child is aware of the consequences. In reality one will go to jail for such actions allowed in these video games. Gruel claims that unlike adults, children’s minds are still growing. They learn day to day and expand their knowledge of the world through personal experiences that negatively influence through violence. These games are meant for the minds of an adult that understand that these games...

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