Voip Phone System Deployment Essay

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Joann Terrell
April 6, 2014
E. Frenzel

Welcome to the deployment of voice over IP or VOIP. This paper will explain the advantages and the disadvantages of using VOIP. The quality of service or QoS will be discussed. Security problems and solutions for IP telephone systems and networks. The basics and many protocols will be discussed. The voice clarity considerations will be discussed. Business 911 requirements for VOIP phone systems. The end-to-end VPN’s versus firewall-based VPNs.
VOIP what are the advantages of having the system. Cost savings, cost reduction, phone portability, Service mobility and integration with other applications. The cost saving is extremely less expensive than the old Private Branch Exchange (PBX). There are no charges for long distance calls and online directories. The company saves money on equipment, lines and manpower. The local service providers provide an assortment of services. The VOIP system supports email, instant messages, video conference calls and sending images. VOIP will run the regular systems like phone and fax. Today’s world is full of on the go technology. Phones can go anywhere as long as they have an IP connection. IP phones have the same numbers and go anywhere in the world. Service is available almost everywhere for the IP phones. This makes the office mobile. The call features and the voicemail access to the security features and service policies. The VOIP is part of a larger trend toward converged communications. Emailing systems along with web browsers are what the new generations live on. The social-networking crowd loves the systems. VOIP makes this all possible. The data networks are becoming increasingly reliable and high-speed networks.
The disadvantages to the VOIP system are complicated services, Interoperability issues and security issues. The complicated services include integrating the voice, data and video all in the same network. The protocols and devices involved in each service. The protocols are very different for each service. This makes it hard to troubleshoot problems when they arise. Interoperability issues still arise because of differences in the VOIP devices and the different protocols. The devices are upgrading so fast the protocols cannot keep up. The implementation of the new protocols to keep up with technology is miles apart. Security issues are the biggest concern. Phones can be programmed from any station, unless blocked out. Each phone call can be intercepted at any time. When the phones are attacked so can the data lines. This one weakness can be the end of a company. The exportation from attackers to carry out security attacks. The VOIP system has the same limitations as any other online activity. The network can be slow and overloaded. This degrades the quality of VOIP calls.
Quality of service (QoS) was not a heavy concern at the beginning, but now it is considered more...

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