Vote Fraud Or Voter Defrauded By Friedrichs Benson

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As previously states in the above sections, the definition for voter fraud has no concrete definition. However so Jocelyn Friedrichs Benson, dean of Wayne State University law school in Detroit and author of “Vote Fraud or Voter Defrauded”, explained that many individuals participate in the voting process and as such cases such as voter fraud will inevitably arise. This paper defines vote fraud as “when one or more entity involved in the political process intentionally commits a fraudulent act that hinders the outcome of an election from reflecting the will of a majority of people” (Benson 2009, 1).
There are different types of frauds that we are going to be looking at in the section. The first type is “Voter- Initiated” and this fraud captures the fraudulent and deceptive acts that voters commit (Benson 2009, 6). Examples of voter-initiated would include, casting votes in the name of other individuals, voting multiple times, or impersonating a voter. With the case of voter initiated frauds, if left unchecked this may lead to the decrease of votes casted by honest people (Benson 2009, 8). However this type is not as effective as Lorraine C. Minnite, director of the urban studies program at Rutger University and author of “The Myth of Voter Fraud” explains that “almost no one knowingly and willfully cast an illegal vote in the United States today (Minnitte 2010, 6). This is because most of the acts of voter initiated fraud are not recorded and found out later or that these acts are caused by the deceptive acts of those manipulating voters.
The other type of fraud is called “Voter- Targeted” and this fraud is the actions of those who are trying to get voters to conduct fraudulent behaviors (Benson 2009, 6). Examples of this type of behavior would include vote buying, voter manipulation, and information manipulation. This would also include the “irregularities” in administration. Evidence supporting the idea that number of voters signing into the poll booths do not match exactly the number of ballots casted lay in the documents of voting sessions (Minnite 2010, 7).
In all states there has been cases in which voters are registered under ineligible or fake people which causes people to believe that voter fraud is big deal. This is because under the Voter Registration Act of 1993 allows applicants for driver’s licenses to be presented with an opportunity to register (Minnite 2010, 8). Under federal law however, local elections officials may design nondiscriminatory and reasonable list-maintenance programs to verify information such as address (Minnite 2010, 30). Even with the opportunity to register this does not indicate that they have the right to vote or establish voter eligibility just because they own a driver’s id.
An example of an alleged voter fraud case was reported on the New York Times article “Indiana Fraud Verdict.” Mr. White, 42, was reported conducting voter fraud. He was charged seven felonies, some which included, false registration,...

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