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The days were definitely getting colder and shorter. Catelyn drew her cloak more tightly around her as she walked from the Great Hall back to the Keep after breaking her fast. She was to meet with Robb and Willas Tyrell in Ned’s solar this morning to discuss the letter which had arrived from King’s Landing bearing the royal seal.

She had known it was coming, of course, but reading those imperious words which could barely be called even courteous and made no pretense of being anything other than commands dictated by the woman now styling herself Queen Regent had made Catelyn’s blood boil. The woman had actually put a time limitation on her demands, explicitly stating she expected to see the party from Winterfell in King’s Landing within two moons.

No response had as yet arrived to the letter she’d Ned, but scarcely enough time had passed for a raven to fly to the Wall and back again, even if the weather remained fair throughout its journey. Tyrell had sent a vaguely worded response to his brother’s letter hinting that Lord Redwyne’s fleet might be needed somewhere other than Dragonstone, but of course King’s Landing was even further from Winterfell than the Wall was so they had no reply from Ser Garlan as of yet. Tyrell had actually given his letter to Robb to read before having Maester Luwin send it, a gesture which caused Robb to look upon him more favorably.

Tyrell was still in the Great Hall, breaking his fast with Sansa. In spite of the tremendous strains of the recent days, the man had managed to persist in his efforts to court her, and Catelyn had found no fault in his treatment of her daughter. He acknowledged her youth, and was careful of her without treating her like a child. And while she was quite certain the man had attempted no liberties with her (God help him if he ever did with Arya forever lurking about the two of them), she was very much aware that he was far from unaffected by her. Young as she was, Sansa was breathtakingly beautiful, and the future Lord of Highgarden was quite obviously aware of that.

She hoped that he would linger in the Hall a bit longer to enjoy her daughter’s charming company as she wanted a few moments to speak with Robb alone before he joined them. She hadn’t seen Robb in the Great Hall at all and wondered if her son had eaten anything this morning. When she arrived to the solar, she was not surprised to see him there in Ned’s chair, head bent over some parchment spread out on the desk.

“Robb,” she said, shaking her head slightly at him. “Have you even broken your fast?”

“Mother,” he said looking up, and gesturing for her to join him. “Roslin had something sent to her chambers early. She knew I’d want to come straight here, and she’s as bad as you for making me eat.”

Catelyn smiled, closing the door behind her before she moved to take a chair beside Robb’s. “Good for your lady wife. She is well this morning?”

Robb scowled. “As well as can be expected when she knows I spend most of my time shut up...

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