“War On Terror Or War On People”

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The September 11th terrorist attacks brought fear and anger to all Americans. People of all races did not know how to react to such a horrific tragedy. After these attacks were carried, former President George W. Bush declared a “War on Terror”. While this was happening Muslims in the U.S were in the middle of this issue. The War on Terror was focused on Muslim Citizens in the U.S due to media outlets and many people criticizing all people that are Muslims are radicals. With all said The Patriot Act was passed which many criticized because it was argued conflicted personal liberties and public discussion. George W. Bush praised the act for making America safer. However, it was a plan targeted primarily at Muslims and Arabs . Like American governments have done in the past acts like the Espionage and Sedition Act this is another one of acts that aim to target one group . “War on Terror” was not only declared on the real terrorists of Al Qaeda but it was also declared on many Muslims in the United States with the passing of the Patriot Act. Under these circumstances people’s rights are taken away and citizens and non citizens who are Muslims would be mostly of focused upon. It would give states the right to hold and investigate suspected terrorists with insufficient evidence .The Patriot Act affects people rights, goes against the Constitution and can invade people’s privacy by targeting one group and not given the rights people of the American government deserve.
People rights are a matter in which the patriot act tries to diminish. In 2002 after the terrorist attacks to this nation about 1,200 Muslims who were noncitizens living in the U.S into custody for questioning. If you were known as a person of interest you can be detained with no questions asked . This controversial act gave America a different look in many people’s rights and wasn’t looking at no longer as purely democratic country . People felt that they no longer had same right to voice their opinion and looked back at times acts like espionage was passed that history was repeating itself. Thou some people thought this was a good act Muslims and Arab Americans were hurt post nine eleven due to act like this . The Economy was hit hard post 9/11 because people didn’t...

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