Way To Stronger, Healthier And A More Immune India

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Way To Stronger, Healthier And A More Immune India.What should be the greatest wealth you need to give your children? Great parents know that the correct answer is 'Good Health'. It is our responsibility to give them a long life without suffering from pains and aches. It is vital for them to maintain good health to have proper growth and development. When we know that our children are in contact with deadly bacteria and viruses every minute, it is very important to build strong immune system. Let us see how we can build a stronger, healthier and more immune India.

1. Do not forget the baby's first important immunization - Colostrum:

We are responsible for immunity of the babies to start developing right from birth itself. It is the baby's right to drink the mother's first milk expressed which is called colostrum. It has large amount of main immune factor 'Immunoglobulin A(IgA)' which forms a protective layer on the mucous membranes in the baby's intestines, nose and throat. This protective layer protects the babies from invading germs. The protective layer formed in intestinal tract prevent babies from allergic reactions to food. IgA is available in matured breast milk too but in lower quantity. So, do not forget to make your baby have colostrum which is the first step in developing an immune India.

2. Help the babies to get their basic rights - Breastfeeding is not only for just newborns :

Lot of studies have demonstrated that breastfeeding is quite essential to increase the baby's immunity to various diseases and infections. The substances including antibodies, immune factors, enzymes and white blood cells passed from mothers to babies during nursing strengthen the baby's immune system. These substances not only protects the babies while breastfeeding but even after the babies have weaned most of the time. The breastfeeding mothers can help their babies immune system to develop more rapidly when compared to the formula fed babies.

WHO recommends moms to exclusively breastfeed for six months and continue to nurse for up to 2 years or more..

3. Childhood Vaccinations - Quite Essential to develop Immune India:

Some parents are missing to vaccinate their children promptly due to their lack of knowledge on vaccination. Every parent should have the basic knowledge on how the vaccine actually works so that they will not miss vaccinations. The vaccines contain antigens which are harmless substances such as dead bacteria or molecules associated with the diseases. When the child gets vaccination, the body thinks the antigens as diseases, and the immune system starts creating antibodies. Since the immune system knows how to create antibodies to the particular diseases, it is ready to fight those diseases in future.

The current vaccination timetable can be found in the below link from Indian Academy of Pediatrics:

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