Website Analysis Of National Right To Life Committee (Nrlc)

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Website Analysis of National Right to Life Committee (NRLC)
Key Terms: Claims, Typifying Example, Pro-Life, Rhetoric, Social Movement, Abortion, Assisted Suicide, Life, Organization.
National Right to Life Committee(NRLC) is the second oldest and largest pro-life organization in the United States. This social movement organization deals with several life-related issues like abortion, assisted suicide or euthanasia, cloning, Medicare issues and so on. However, my focus topics are “Abortion” and “Assisted Suicide/ Euthanasia” because these are the two most common issues life-related issues.
The rate of abortion in the United States has been increasing rapidly since 1973, with an estimated total of over 55 million abortions. Research also shows that more Americans now commit abortion for less important reasons than rape of incest since the legalization-approximately 93% of the women who carry out abortion explain that they do it for “social reasons”. However, National Right to Life Committee(NRLC) provides some normative claims as to why should not be legalized as the rhetoric of their argument. The members of this organization explain the similarities between abortion and murder; the diary of an unborn child and the pains that they face during abortion. They also present some scientific theories that relate to pregnancy and life. According to science, as soon as fertilization takes place in a woman’s body, a new life begins; the heart begins to beat 18-21 days after fertilization; and brain waves can be detected about 40 days after fertilization. These theories are pointed out so as to make people understand the pro-life concept and persuade them to join the social movement. However, as much as abortion is an issue in the society today, National Right to Life Committee(NRLC) and some other social movement organization work together to find solutions to it by educating girls about the importance of life, the health risks of abortion and the pain of an unborn child. An example of a social movement organization that takes part in the process is the “Stand Up Girl” This organization focuses on creating awareness about abortion; it promotes sisterhood by supporting pregnant girls or women, educating them about the dangers of abortion and discouraging them from the practice.
Assisted Suicide/ Euthanasia
The on-going issue of assisted suicide or euthanasia- especially among older adults and disabled people, is saddening. Many...

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