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A problem that I have found to be fairly consistent in today’s business world, as well in my personal experience, is lack of internal communication, even with the ongoing advancements and methods of communication that have become available. In order to further study and understand ways to increase information exchange we will evaluate two research studies and relate this to a system used in my experiences. The first study we will evaluate is a qualitative study which is titled Open Innovation Methods for Accelerating Cross-Divisional Innovation (Feitler, Beelen, Kielstra & Taylor, 2012) and in order to evaluate the study we will render the results first, then we will work backwards to further assess the study.
Internal Request for Proposal (IRFP) Key Terms Question Result
Preparation Leads to Recognition Problem, Solution What are the current problems faced and what solutions are available? Many problems are solved quickly after they are discovered due to actual problem identification.
Sharing Divisional Experts Job Title, Division, Resource Who resources would you like to be shared across division lines? Leaders must be shared between divisions to create synergy across the company.
Sharing Divisional Tactics Idea, Phrase, Strategy, Tactic What approaches do you believe needs to be shared across division lines? Goals and strategy should be companywide, while tactics should relate directly to a division.
Technology Support Device, Platform, Access What forms of technology would benefit your division to increase efficiency? More technology should be utilized but will require divisional studies.
Department R&D Idea, Personnel What innovations or personnel additions do you believe would aid your division moving forward? Communication innovations are key to both management and front line employees.
Department Participation Personnel, Level of Personnel Who are your department’s greatest contributors? Who contributes the least? Participation must become mandatory where it may not currently stand as such.
Note. Adapted from Open Innovation Methods for Accelerating Cross-Divisional Innovation, by Feitler, D., Beelen, D. V., Kielstra, H., & Taylor, P. 2012, The International Society for Professional Innovation Management, p. 1-13.
Through a system of submitting Internal Requests for Proposals and interpreting the above qualitative study results we can see first and foremost that communication problem acknowledgment is key to a solution, or as Feitler et al. put it “a problem well-stated is a problem half solved” (2012, p. 8). When business personnel are able to admit that there may be a communication issue or lack of communication then work can begin immediately to mend the issue. The next innovative result of the study showed that divisional leaders should be made available to other areas within the business to allow for exchange of ideas throughout a business. With this system in place an entity is able to advance based on internal...

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