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Chapter 5: Victim-Offender Mediation covers the concepts, components, elements, methodology and history of VOM. In this chapter the authors described the dimensions of VOM Effectiveness. This covers restitution and repair of damage, recidivism, diversion, cost fairness participation rates and participant satisfaction. The others even covered concerns and ongoing issues like compromising the separate preparation of the victim and offender prior to the mediation session, pressuring participation and controlling the dialogue, applying VOM in cross-culture contexts, and cultivating a referral base. (Umbreit, M. and Armour, M.P. 2006 p. 136) VOM remains central to the restorative justice movement because it serves to remind us of the centrality of the victim and the victim’s harm and the power of the victim’s voice and story to advance the dialogue, creating the context for offender’s accountability and deep learning. (Umbreit, M. and Armour, M.P. 2006 p. 137)
Chapter 8: Victim-Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence covers the history and development, characteristics, and procedures of VOD. In this chapter the author showed how VOM and are similar. They both use preparatory meetings, goal of affirmation agreement and focus on victim and offender. Even though VOM and VOD have similarities there are distinct differences that conflict intervention professionals must always remain cognizant of. VOD is used for the most severe crimes, has strict parameters for dialogue process, implements longer period of time between crime and encounter requires extensive preparation, mandates advanced training for the facilitator, and has affirmation agreement rather than reparations. (Umbreit, M. and Armour, M.P. 2006 p. 213)
This week’s reading was very informative and really painted a clearer picture of VOD and VOM. Both of these processes are useful tools that will allow victims and offenders to both move forward, continue the healing process, hold offenders...

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