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I attend Kendall college where I am currently taking this class Ece 401, where I had five days to implement five different lesson plans and write I final refection on what I observed and what I learned. I did my fieldwork at emit till elementary school on the south side of Chicago in a low population urban area. The host teacher name is ms Coleman, ms Coleman has about 30 students in her classroom she has 16 girls and 14 boys. Include in those 30 students there are five students diagnosed with ADHD and there are two assistant teachers in the classroom. The expectations that I set for my self was first I woke up in the morning and I prayed that ill do my best them I ate breakfast so that I wouldn't get light headed and can properly assess the students and observe the students that get the best outcome possible. Then I made sure I had all my materials and information for the week I made sure I presented everything to the host teacher and the teacher assistants to get positive feedback. I made sure that I included every child's need and made sure every child comfortable. Throughout the week I thought I was well prepared I don't think that I had to change anything all week I think I was ready and well prepared because I planned this weeks on advanced and also I had a lot of practice and I had help with my peers, boss, host teacher and my teacher I did a great job. Now on the space I think that I didn't do good on that part because, I believe that the students should have had a little more space to move and able to breath, so it was uncomfortable for students and me I must say all week I couldn't change the location in the middle of the week because the principle said that it was short notice and that I should have planned much earlier. As far as the environmental since I could have did a lot better. During the lesson plans centers it was just clutter like the host teacher did organized the classroom like she didn't do every week to prevent accidents. An accidents could have easily happened but thankfully it didn't and nothing happened. I had enough materials for each kid to meet their different needs. I had each space set to the different centers so they everyday we didn't have to set up nothing differently just kind of move different things around. I think I provided just enough items for each center because I didn't want the students to feel overwhelmed as if they couldn't handle what's going on. I would have took all the unnecessary items that was taking up space the was making it so cluttered in the classroom. I think that the children were somewhat comfortable that could have been more comfortable with a Little more space. I planned for the students with ADHD to do the assignment on the other side if the classroom so that the other students would not distract them from their learning process. I planned for these differences very well because I know in the past I didn't it was confusion on their part. The children learned various of things...

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