Weight Loss Gimmicks Essay

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Now we all have seen these miracle weight lose commercials; with some skinny shmuck, selling the newest improved snake oil. Let us be honest, they want your money, and the industry does not give a damn about you. Look at when they run the ads on TV we all know how much it cost to have ads on TV. Showing many advertisements that show, supplements to get you to lose weight; while bulking up, Diets that eliminate exercise, even exercises that may cause more damage to your body then you will benefit from (have to break down bone and muscle to build bone and muscle. Together as a hole we can get rid of these jokers and legitimize the weight lose industry; to improve are safety, and metal health.
The dreaded scale, from Microsoft word.
These are serious issues under the banner of weight loss gimmicks. Would you want to take a supplement made in some ones kitchen? The supplement act pushed through by a Utah senator gave the industry no oversight. Today a large percentage of the industry does not fallow safe production methods. Making this stuff in the house, look at the ingredients some are easy others take a chemistry degree to say yet understand what it is. Understanding what the ingredients do good luck. Unless you have a PhD, or PharmD (doctor of pharmacy) with a concentration of Pharmacodynamics you will not understand the interaction between (muscle, tissue growth receptors), and the molecules acting aproned the receptor. I am one of you: A little husky and trying to lose weight! I have graduated from Pima medical with a certification in Pharmacy tech. I have worked about 100hr in a pharmacy job shadowing and interning. Went to take my national exam and lacked founds to test. I had to learn about the biochemistry, and the pharmacodynamics, just not to the degree of the Pharm D’s. Have you ever noticed fade diets don’t work?
Diets like Akins leave too many proteins in the body affecting your insulin production at some point leading to diabetes^1. Insulin works in the creb cycle( the transference of potential chemical energy [food] into storage of energy as [fat] Vis a versa) Once off these diets you gain, because you can not keep the body in the mode it currently is in. Exercising is the most important part to losing weight next to portion size. Some of these work outs end up being ineffective and cause too many injuries due to little, or no instruction.
The mental component is under looked, and really the largest problem. These commercials say “your fat and that hot girl, huh in your dreams!” It hurts, you try this and that soon you felt screwed because now you are still fat, and broke now. I propose that we eat healthier, and still not sacrifice taste. I have cut pop out for three years and I lost 20 pounds, and have not had many teeth problems. I love veggies, I just attacked the veggies and ranch yummy.
Easiest Solution throw out the supplement law. Adopt F.D.A. standards and practices. That ensures x is a safe product, effective at...

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