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1. I think that Cage’s approach generated both public acclaim and disdain because his ideas were so different from anyone else at that time. He pushed the ideas of the definition of music. Some people liked his ideas and some people did not believe his ideas were music. I always think of 4 minutes and 33 seconds. It is a blank slate of music just like the white canvas art that he was trying to copy. Cage pushed the ideas of is music still music if no instruments are being played but rather all of the noise around you.
2. The similarities between Cage, Cunningham and Rauschenberg were they were all experimental in their art form. They tried to think outside of the box and push their art form to new lengths. They had the mentality of doing whatever they wanted to and they could use whatever they wanted to as well. Rather than showing their own views through their art, they preferred to show what was going on in the world through art. Everything that is happening around them was what they believed was their art. They were all three very minimalistic.
3. Both “Sonata No. 5” and the compositions in I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It all have a very strict compositional outline. Even when the songs are using different musical mediums, like Speech with the five radios, there are specific dynamic changes written in at certain measures. “Sonata No. 5,” unlike Speech, is played on prepared piano, which is a regular piano that has specifically been altered to sound a certain way. Cage gives very specific instructions on what objects should be placed at what string in the piano. “Sonata No. 5” will sound relatively similar no matter how many times it is played and no matter who is playing it. In the end, it should sound the same every time. With Speech there will be no two times that the piece will be played the same. By using five different radios you will never be able to get the same songs and stations on a radio twice. Also, the music changes from generation to generation. The music that would have been heard on the radio in the 60’s is completely different from what you would hear on the radio today. The...

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