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Only a very few pieces of an American poet Emily Dickinson were published during her lifetime. The majority, more than seventeen hundred of them, became available to public after her death. Dickinson’s poems are short, unique, and lack a title. Common topics are death, immortality, and the role of a woman. Dickinson was not famous during her life, and she wanted her books to be burnt after she died. However, they were published, and she is now one of the most renowned American poets. The poem “Fame is a bee” (1763) expresses her view of fame, but it is not clear whether she really had no interest in being famous, or whether it was her desire, the path to immortality.
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It requires going over dead bodies. Just like a bee, fame hurts the audience, but it also kills the main character. Becoming famous, gaining recognition and attention often changes people. Fame gets into people’s heads; it creates a bigger confidence, sometimes even cockiness, and feeling of superiority. The way of thinking and acting changes; the impression to public is being considered, the behavior becomes calculated. While those new personalities and characters are being created, the old ones die.
The end of the poem, “it has a wing” (line 4), can be perceived in different ways. It points out both the positive - “song” - as well as the negative - “sting” - qualities of fame. The “wing” symbolizes that fame can fly; it has a “wing” exactly like a bee. A bee can fly wherever it wants to, and so can fame. Fame has the ability to take people to many places and situations. It provides a path to new, tantalizing heights. This would be the good side. The interesting aspect of this line is that Dickinson says that it has a “wing”. She does not say wings, but only mentions...

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