What Is Sucess Without Failure? Essay

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Deyvon Griffin
ENG 1030
Dr. Kane Gray
3 April 2014
What is Success without Failure?
What is success defined in the world and how is success achieved? People move through life wanting the dream life and money. Even though success is dependent on failure, failures promote success because without struggles, there is no success and without risks something cannot be achieved. In the astronomy course, I represented the students who studied, but still did not reach satisfaction with their grade. Failures build character in view of the values people are taught Failure helps people identify problems that they normally miss.
Some people argue that failures prohibit success. People believe that putting excessive energy in an area of profession, does not guarantee a job. The excessive energy represents the time and effort that could be used elsewhere. Some failures generate more mistakes, for the reason that people do not pay attention to similar situations. A man cannot oversee every situation, but it is better for him to put the energy into something that is guaranteed.
As a society of strong minds, failures determine who you are. Misadventures support success on the ground that it teaches the person something about life. Success maximizes a person's life, by using similar hurdles from their past. People enforce failures by transforming them into the emotional energy towards their goals. Failures promote the voices of the people, by obtaining success through the process of trying. Failures produce energy for the people, by trying to change the situation. The proof of success represents the amount of energy put into a project. Understanding and utilizing failures present a person's future more obtainable. Everyone in the world examines success differently. The amount of success describes, the amount of help that person or company gains through life.
Humans are taught values by parents and the environment. Failures often relate to how a people view their lives. Danger or troubled times represent the intricate parts of risks, in that they determine how values are created. Everyone interprets a risk differently, but by understanding the value of the risk can ultimately change the reaction. Parents express their beliefs by their children and friends. Some parents enforce rules to help the children in life. A person can easily relate to a role model, on the grounds that their story or life seems similar. Truly obtaining values stem from taking the risks. Risks identify the life a person possess. Understanding the amount of risks, people ger to make a choice on what is right or wrong. When a risk fails, it represents the value of the situation.
A group of psychologists researched that dealing with failure can completely change your generosity. They had experimented on some students in the third and fourth grade. The main point of the experiment tested the children on the values learned at that point in life. The students got to play a game, but the game scores...

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