What The Government Should Do About Animal Testing

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I scan my keycard and walk through a set of double doors, past the examination rooms and a door labeled organic waste. I walk into a complex and intricate maze of dark hallways. The doors read canine testing, swine feeding lab and primate testing environment. Upon looking into the dark rooms; one can make out the cages that once held chimpanzees. The sole purpose of this area is animal experimentation. This area, one of the most secure on the campus, has a separate dock and security cameras at every turn. I have had the opportunity to work in the animal labs of one of the largest corporations in the world. This discourse is my argument on animal experimentation and why the state should allow animal testing for the sake of humanity but should restrict needless suffering to animals.
I had the opportunity to work in classified animal testing labs and to see the animals. The testing that occurred in these labs is all done with the animal’s health and safety in mind. I however, did sign a secrecy contract and thus am unable to reveal the name of the company or the testing that occurs. Animals in this writing do not include humans but all other species in the kingdom Animalia.
The question occurs on what the state’s policy should be on animal testing? Should complete freedom be given or should animals not be tested on? In this writing, I will argue that the state’s policy should be that researchers be given free reign as long as they advance science. This writing works to propose a policy on animal testing that should be employed by our state. The history and the current opinions will be discussed to give context to the argument. I will explain the policy of utilitarianism and how my personal view is similar to that of a utilitarian’s. I will address the rebuttals to my argument. I will then propose that the state take an approach that maximizes our species’ scientific advancement and while still respecting the animals and treating them safely and ethically.
Animal testing is important to our society because of the rise in issues concerning the topic. In recent news for example, China is ending cosmetics testing on animals. Issues like cosmetics testing on animals do not go unnoticed. It is also important because animal testing has already contributed to our society and continues to do so.
The history of animal testing dates back over a thousand years and is reflected in today’s arguments. The earliest record of animal testing is during the Greek and Roman times. As David Degrazia mentions in his article, On the Ethics of Animal Research, animal testing during the medieval era brought the discovery of lung function and the circulatory systems. In 1876 the first law was enacted against animal testing in the United Kingdom. In 1959 the first major report on animal testing was published. The report by William Russel and Rex Burch created the three R’s. The three R’s; refinement, reduction and replacement are the ethical guidelines for animal...

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