When Mental Health Helps Mental Health: The Features Of An Effective Counselor

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When Mental Health Helps Mental Health: The features of an Effective counselor

It is known that Therapeutic counseling is an important tool for the treatment, prevention and promotion of mental health. The psychotherapeutic method contains variables that influence the progress of the emotional state of an individual. Although the techniques and methods are components of the treatment, yet there still not a robot or machine to execute the interventions, as is found on the medical field, for example. Instead, the treatment is performed by counselors, who are mental health professionals. They are trained to establish a working relationship with the individual in need of help. Even ...view middle of the document...

They also brings up that the therapist presence is a determinate fact and that itself can contribute to many factors of the treatment. Ampbell, J. C., & Christopher, J. C. (2012, July) talks about the therapeutic presence and about studies that affirms when counselors come to an encounter with a client, his/her own presence is brought to the counseling setting as a whole self, it makes an encounter between two human being that brings to that setting, its physical presence, its emotions, mind and spiritual state of the soul.
Therapeutic Relationship
From the therapeutic presence emerges the relationship between the counselor and the client/patient in need. This relationship will also be a whole even though it has therapeutic boundaries and limits (ethics).
By being a whole it means that it will contain some aspects of relationship: communication, trust, expectation, ability to be relational, etc. Even though findings about techniques and methods are important; researchers have found that affective relationship between the counselor and the client is also crucial. Buhari, 'Bunmi, M.B.B.S.(I.L.), F.W.A.C.P. (2013) mention another significant aspect of the therapeutic relationship- which they describes as respect/empathy, an aptitude to discern other’s feeling in a deep truthful level and ability of letting client know and see about this understanding. Also, they mention the real side of this relationship where the counselor is dealing with a human being, like he also is.
Mental Health and Personality Traits
A human being is composed by many elements and one of them is the trait of the personality. In an encounter between counselor and client is also an encounter of two personalities. Bare(1967) states that the a counselor’s theoretical background is not a determinant variable to the success of the treatment, but, his personality will also play an important role, she goes even farther, saying that, the personality traits of both counselor and client could cause the a distraction during the process of achieving the therapeutic goals.
Personality traits and mental are fully connected, therefore there are not the same thing. When a personally trait benefits the...

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