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Why Go to College? Since I can remember, I have never had any serious interest in school. When I was younger, my reasons for going to school were to socialize with my peers and spend my days in presence of beautiful girls. That way of thinking brought me nothing but trouble, my grades were not as good as they could have been and I always had problems with my parents. Every time they went to school to talk to my teachers, I would dread their return home. Two months before finishing eight grade, my family and I moved to United States. After enrolling in an American school, I have noticed that my education was far more advanced than any of my new classmates. Eight-grade schoolwork done here in America was covered back home in fourth and fifth grade. Instead of taking an advantage of that, I started slaking off. I thought I was in heaven; I knew everything without studying. By the end of my sophomore year the material started being unfamiliar and I had to start opening my books, which I was not very fund of. After receiving my high school diploma, I decided to find a job and proceed with my life without any college education. Now that some years have passed, my head cleared and I came to a conclusion that obtaining an education is one of the most important things needed to succeed in this fast moving world. My reasons for going to college and continuing my education are to receive a degree, to meet people my age, and to satisfy my own desire to make something out of my life.One of the reasons I have decided to go back to college is to receive a degree. Now days, not a lot of employers are willing to hire employees without a college degree. There are exceptions, however, the jobs that are available are not high quality jobs. Starting positions usually require work that no one else wants to do, and the pay is considerably low. William A. Henry says "why do people go to college? Mostly to make money." By getting a degree, I am inuring myself that I will be qualified for more jobs than I would be with just the high school diploma. Being fresh out of high school, the only accomplishments on my resume were my high school diploma and couple of previous employers. With those qualifications, I found jobs that did not require too much knowledge or skill. One of my first jobs was with a construction company. The positions they had available were laborer and a superintendent. Since I did not have any experience or education for the superintendent position, I had to settle for a laborer. I held the job for a year, but then decided that construction is not something I would want to be doing for the rest of my life. I decided to go to an employment agency and find an office job, hoping that I would be able to prove myself, and later on move up in the corporate world. They found me a job with an insurance agency. The position was an office assistant, which meant I was going to enter data, file files, make copies and do all the add jobs no one else had time for. At...

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