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I can smell someone, cooking delicious, crunchy, tender and tasty bacon. It was weird because I can smell it in my dream and reality. Until a loud, non-stop sound rung onto my head, it was my alarm clock. I remember that it’s Monday morning. The most awaiting day of every student, not really. My mom is always putting it near me. Maybe she got tired of waking me up every morning. I tried removing it once but consequence is far worse. She would get a pan and spatula and slam them together if she sees I don’t wake up in time. It made my head hurt so I took a long warms shower, it help me freshens every time. I dressed up for school and ‘clean’ my room.
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After what Mrs. Cranny said to Max, he slowly put down his fork, swallowed the food in his mouth and his face became weary. There was a silence on the atmosphere. Since that day Max has changed. He would always come home late, drunk and worst of all he became a bully in their school. Several teachers had called Max’s parents because every day he would steal someone’s lunch during lunch, and then make them do his homework and make fun of them. But it seems even his parents couldn’t stop him. Max is currently on the tenth grade. Before he becomes a bully he’s always doing a very good job in school. But his mother never got the chance to look at them. That always breaks Max’s heart. He would wait for the days where the report cards will be handed out just to show how much he puts an effort in his studies. It’s all gone in an instant. A year has passed he’s on eleventh grade, but his marks were terrible the last semester. First day of school and there was a new student, Austin Moore.
“H...Hi everyone. My name is Austin, Austin Moore” he introduced himself in a shy and shaky voice
Austin Moore came from a school that no one has ever heard of before. It was a new world to him. He got in to Max’s school because got a scholarship. Austin was a valedictorian on his elementary school and in his old school he never got any B’s in his report card. Unfortunately Max’s hated him.
Max got his schedule
Semester 1 Semester 2
Math 10 Spare
Science 10 Social Studies
PE 11 English
Science 11 Art

“Art?” he smiled “getting pretty lucky!”
He is pretty lucky indeed. Mrs. Cranny’s business includes painting, sculpture, photographies, in short art. He knew that he could skip that class because he can call his mom and do something about that subject. Max and Austin’s eye clashed. But Austin looked away immediately.
“Hey you!” Max shouted
“Ye...Yes? May I help you? Austin asked
“Let me see your schedule”
Austin gave his schedule to Max. He looked at it and they both have Math and PE.
“Math and PE, two troublesome subjects”
Weeks later, it was a regular school has come. The first subject is Math. But max was late. It had left a bad impression to their teacher. He saw his friends and they saved a spot for him. During the lesson he notices that Austin is alone, everyone had a seatmate except for him.
“Yo! Look at him, let’s make fun of him” he said it to one of his friends.
He pretended that he’ll get a paper to write but he tore it apart and crimpled it as if all of his anger was slowly building to that paper. He threw it at Austin but he seems that he never felt it. The teacher never noticed like nothing’s happened. He did it again but this time Austin accidentally looked at behind him and he got hit on the face. Everyone saw it and started to laugh. Austin’s face turned red and the teacher...

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