Workers Vs. Protesters Essay

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Workers vs. Protesters
On January 15, 2014 the US Supreme Court took on the case of the abortion protester and the Massachusetts law. The court had considered abolishing the buffer zone around abortion clinics because it violates the first amendment for the protesters. As the court still debating over the buffer zone law, many authors have raised their voices on the issues. Emily Bazelon and Amanda Marcotte have different views on the buffer zones for abortion protesters. Amanda Marcotte’s article is focused on the point of view from the abortion clinic workers while Emily Bazelon’s article focusing on the point of view of the abortion protesters. However, Amanda Marcotte’s article has a stronger argument because her article contains more valid reasons to uphold the buffer zone.
Amanda Marcotte’s article “Abortion Clinic Workers on Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold Buffer Zone” is mainly about clinic workers and their reason why the court should uphold the buffer zone. Her article starts off with the background of the story and then the author moves on to talk about the abortion clinic workers' concerns. Like the title of her article suggests, her main point is to showcase the three clinic workers experience with the anti-abortion protesters. Their names are Michelle Kinsey Burns, Lori Gregory Garrott, and Megan. The clinic workers’ personal experiences are what makes Marcotte’s argument valid to uphold the buffer zone law.
Michelle Kinsey Burns, Lori Gregory Garrott, and a counselor's name Megan all have bad experiences with the anti-abortion protesters in the buffer zone. According to the article, these clinic works have faced hostile protesters each day when they come to work. Even though, the hostile protesters have never used physical confrontation to these workers, but the protesters’ presence around the buffer zone combine with the screaming and yelling can make them feel threatened. This threatening feeling from the protesters is also felt by patients who coming to the clinic. The protesters screaming and yelling are more than enough to make anyone who comes to the clinic feel that violence is going to break out any time soon.
Near the end of her article, Amanda gives one last reason for the reader to consider upholding the current buffer zone law. She talks about the case at the Planned Parenthood’s Brookline Facility in 1994. In this case a clinic worker name Shannon Lowney was murdered because she was the receptionist who just opened the clinic door every morning. After murdering Shanon the culprit, John Salvi, traveled to another clinic and killed two more abortion clinic worker before being captured. This is case that help push the lawmaker to pass the buffer zone law back in 2007.
Emily Bazelon’s article “You Do Not Have the Right to Be Left Alone” is focused on the buffer zone law from the protesters’ point of view. She argues for the protesters to have more freedom when they are near an abortion clinic. The article starts off...

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