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From industrializing a nation to killing millions, many leaders’ actions are quite different from each other. This is true for Mussolini, Stalin, Truman, Churchill and Hitler; leaders we often hear about in history that took various actions while in power. Even though some of these leaders made decisions that took their peoples’ rights away, they all helped their country in some way. Stalin industrialized the USSR, Hitler saved Germany’s economy, Truman ended the bloody war, and Churchill was a big part of the Nazi defeat.
Joseph Stalin was the communist dictator of the Soviet Union. He took power after the death of Vladimir Lenin. He was a military leader when Vladimir Lenin was the leader of Communist Russia. After Lenin had died, the power should have gone to Leon Trotsky but the public decided to go with Stalin. Trotsky ran away to Mexico to evade being killed. But Soon after Trotsky’s exile to Mexico, Stalin had him killed in his hotel room so he can make certain he has no opponents. While he was in power, Stalin executed about 20 million people. He did this by tapping phones, going through personal mail and planting moles all around Russia and when they found anybody revolting or speaking against the government they were questioned and usually afterwards executed. Even if you were a supporter of Stalin, you still had a likely chance of being executed. Just like everything else, the media fell under his command. He controlled what was broadcasted on the radio to what was on paintings. Whenever Stalin or his programs achieved something, they were praised by the media. Stalin wanted to convince people that communism was the best form of government and life. So he started when they were most persuadable by taking over the education system. Teachers from kindergarten to college were forced to teach that communism was the best form of government. He also launched the invasion of Finland and ordered the Red army to destroy the infrastructure of Moscow when Nazi-Germany was getting close to the capital (Moscow). Even though Stalin did a lot of bad to the people he also helped by industrializing The Soviet Union. He put together the Five-Year-Plans; goals the Soviet Union planned to meet to improve economic results. Stalin’s plan increased the output of metals, minerals, oil and energy. Under his power women had a bigger impact on the society and economy. Also the public was more and better educated. Joseph Stalin’s reign on the Soviet People brought a very powerful and industrialized nation but at the cost of the people’s comfort and rights.
Winston Churchill was a great prime minister of Great Britain during WWII. He was not only a good leader but also a very talented speaker and writer. During the First World War he served in several significant military and government positions. As Churchill directed the battle against Nazi Germany he also planned to invade Italy with the U.S. He believed that the allies should better aid...

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