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I need to understand the detrimental danger involved in taking an x-ray. X-rays are just another form of electromagnetic radiation. X-rays are very similar to microwaves, radio waves and infrared radiations but x-rays are far more active compared to these other radiations. They penetrate many materials to varying degrees. Electrons with high energy crash into the target to produce x-rays. X-rays are transmitted through a subject onto a photographic film. The x-rays are blocked by bone and other solid objects casting a shadow onto the film. X-rays are used for a variety of things like; a x-ray could check for fractured or broken bones, scanning luggage at an airport, examining teeth and to see something in the body that could have potentially be swallowed.

The x-ray machine seems very harmless but it can cost you your vital life. There are many risks involved in taking an x-ray. A study shows that if you get an x-ray done on your teeth, it is equal to having your body exposed to a few days out to the sun. If you get an x-ray done on your skull it is equal to exposing your body to the sun for a few weeks. If you get an x-ray done on your spine it is equal to exposing your body to the sun for 1 year. Lastly, the most dangerous and riskful x-ray is getting an x-ray done that uses contrast fluid, it is equal to exposing your skin for a few years to the sun. All in all, there is a slim chance to get cancer by getting x-rays done on you. X-rays causes damage to some cells and genetically damages the other cells which can lead to a rare cancerous cell. If a woman takes an x-ray during pregnancy theres a chance that the baby can get deformed. Overall, it is a big risk taking an x-ray.

The side effects of an x-ray can really hurt you in the future. There are many side effects after you have taken an xray. Each x-ray that you get done on you increases your risk of cancer. Cell mutation, cell suicide and random cell division caused by the x-ray can lead to DNA damage. X-rays can also lead to a loss of white cells and hair loss caused by radiation. There is also a chance for genetic and birth defects to occur. The birth defects caused by...

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