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Zappos is an open system for every corporation needs to acquire various inputs such as interdependent technical, boundary spanning, and managerial subsystems. For Zappos encourage the corporation managers to interact with the environment which includes input and outputs of hiring the right people. The hiring process done in two parts the first interview done by management and peers in that department needing a new recruit, so they can to check their ability, experience, and a team fit. After the initial interview, Human Resources checks to see if the candidate will be the perfect cultural fit at Zappos. The recruit needs to pass both sets of interviews before they are hired. For Zappos ...view middle of the document...

The company’s core values are important and the employees are committed to them for they firmly believe that is what makes the company and their brand well known. There are few rules and procedures that often tend to be informal, loose, and broadly defined; take for example, reporters have free access to visit any offices, they are also not restricted to whom they talk to, they escorted themselves around the building, and interview employees at will. Zappos objectives are to be as translucent as possible. (Kreitner & Cassidy, pp. 242, 267)
Yes, delegation would be successful at Zappos; company’s decentralization gives mangers time to tackle more issues that are important. Delegation shows good faith and judgment, which honors the employees. Once delegation given to an employee, they are committed and add more to the core values. The company also needs to be willing to stick to the values when hiring and firing prospective employees on those core values.
One of the core cultures of Zappos is that if an employee, including Mr. Hsieh, cannot handle a problem or find a solution, they will admit to it; however, they do promise to deliver an answer or a solution or find a way to deal with the problem in a timely manner. (Kreitner & Cassidy, pp. 242, 267)
Zappos creates and shares, symbols and value by delivering a WOW factor...

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